Company information :

Our achievements:

2003. We developed and implemented, in alliance with Telab, the system enabling management of the world largest Plasma-Focus gear at the Institute of Plasma Physics and Laser Microsynthesis in Warsaw, Poland.
2004. APATOR SA in Toruń, Poland. We constructed and delivered software for the current pulse (8/20) generator designed for resistance research of varistors and voltage surge arresters. System Apatel enables device management, displays its current status, controls consecutive cycles of the generator, and shows their results. Apatel also archives all records of performed research attempts.
2005. We have delivered and implemented the complete system of quality control to the Department of High Voltages Control at Bydgoska Fabryka Kabli (Tele-Fonika SA Group). The application secures quality investigation, automatically collects sampling results from peripheral devices, records them in the database, and prints out certificates and data sheets.
2005. We developed for Akccept Company the modern system of customer relationship management assuring contracts tracking, supporting logistic department activities, and managing human resources in the company.
2006. We created applications for two European research centers - for the University of Tallinn, Estonia (application for Plasma-Focus device management) and for the University of Ferrara, Italy (Time Gate Analyzer).
2006-2008. We have written software for quality test stations built by Telab in cable factories of NKT-Cabels in Warszowice and Bitner SA in Trzyciąż.
1994-2008. Warsaw Auction House Art REMPEX is our customer since 1994. System Marszand, designed and implemented for our client, enables auctions holding (including multimedia presentations), auctions catalog publishing (hardcopies and electronic version) on the top of the standard business application. The software assures also the analysis of the customer interests.